Tuesday, April 6, 2004

what day is this?

yesterday, monday april 5th 2004 i got myself all mixed up. yes. with daylight savings i changed all my clocks, but two of the clocks i changed incorrectly, and of course they were the 2 most important clocks i own. my alarm clock and my watch. the alarm clock i changed to the correct time, BUT i somehow changed the alarm to 6:45 from 5:45. this means that i have 15 mins from wakeup to take a shower, change, get some break, move my butt 26miles thru the orange crush (22 650 405 merge) to work at 7am. needless to say i didn't make it. so i get to work, it's an hour (or a half an hour) earlier than i'm used to due to the daylight savings phenomenon.

this is when i get to work and notice that it's monday april 6th. (for those of you in the know it was actually monday april 5th) but my watch said april 6th. i thought i changed my watch date on accident to the next number, but i wasn't sure and due to my precise calculation i was assured that monday was the 6th.

knowing this i skurried over to the DMV where i knew i had a 9:50 appt.for the 6th. i got up to the front of the line, told her i was an appointed person, she couldn't find me on the list but i quickly showed her my printout and we were good to go. up and out of the compton DMV like a jackrabbit. back to work to sign and date some more documents with the "4/6/04" following my name (good thing i only did about 20-25) so when i get home, i play catch-up with my roomate. we're shootin the shit and whatnot, i tell him that i have a haircut appt on tuesday april 6th! but today is monday april 6th? when do i go in? he says, no. today is the 5th, you're on monday april 5th right now. tomorrow is your appt.

i've heard stories, and done so myself, by going in 3hrs late to the DMV but with an appointment, and still getting the VIP treatment. but a whole day? i went in a whole day early! actually i was about an hour late!!(had i been on the correct day) i was 23 hours early!! how embarrasing would it have been to skate to the front of the line, then have the lady directing traffic tell me that my appointment is for tomorrow not today, dumbass. at the compton DMV, i woulda got shot or something, on principals.

from now on, i'm going to just take daylight savings off, it's now a national ameer navidi only holiday. but then again, isn't it always on a sunday morning?


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