Wednesday, April 14, 2004

play your video game and tell me that you love me

i don't know about today's video games. but back in the days, when i played a video game, i got special powers. no, not from playing the game, in the game! like in race car driving games you got nitros or in golden axe you'd have some majic and when there were too many foes in the area, bam hit the majic button and they'll all die! now some people use this right off the bat. some hold onto the majic and wait and wait and fight and die and end up dying before using their majic because they were waiting for the perfect time to use the majic.

i've done both. played both styles. explored both paths. with the non-conservative style you end up needing the majic when it's gone. yet wonder if you could have gotten as far in the game as you did without using it in the first place. with the conservative majic you end up using it on a boss, and since you save it up and work so hard to preserve it you end up thinking that it'll take off more damage than it really does. and it's a huge dissapointment when you essentially waste it on the boss. let down.

***i've always been bad at transitions, my english teacher tried and tried to make me use words like "therefore", "once more", "as a result", and "in other words". i guess i never learned. that bitch didn't know writing anyhow. she was stuck on the generic story line -> "every story goes as follows: introduction, setting, conflict, climax, resolution" bleh! that's just about as up to date as the poodle skirt. which brings me to another point, who the hell are highschool teachers?! they're my peers now! people i know have graduated, and are now working as teachers. they're idoits too! i don't feel so bad anyomore for my poor performance in highschool, since i now am aware of the idiots that are running those places...***

wow i am bad at transitions, that was a whole paragraph, just to introduce love. yes love. "i love you" three free words. yet people seem to think that these three words are majic. or nitros, or superboosts or whatever the video gives you a limited amount of, that really kicks ass. yes "i love you" is free to say and you have an unlimited amount of "i love you"'s. so then why does everyone wait till the end boss to use it? feels like nobody says i love you, and if for some reason they do, it means wedding bells will ring, or there's homosexuality lingering in the room!! and it could be contageous.

i had a conversation with a close friend of mine a few years ago. it was after many years of friendship with this girl, and i signed an email, or a letter of some sort, or something like that, and told her that i loved her. " talk to you again soo, love ameer." something like that. this drew a flag and we had a huge discussion over it. she told me she rarely told her family the three majic words, rather a friend of only a few years. i told her that if we could be friends for 2-3 years in college, and then for another 2 years while she lived in japan, and not only remain in contact but to remain close friends as well! that's love. i'm not in love with her, which is a totally different blog entry, i undoubtedly do love her tho.

i'm thinking that many people will get to the boss, use the majic, and realize that they built up, it's not so powerful and special. it's for everyday use. it's not something that has "the perfect time" to use. all the time is the best to use it. granted you use it with a bit of common sense.

so love is majic. use it, but don't abuse it!


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