Thursday, April 29, 2004

whatup with the 80's

fashion has always been a huge part of american culture. well any culture. what you look like says a lot about you. some people define their lifestyles by how they look, what they wear, how they talk, slang words etc...

seems like lately we've drawn away from that. everyone wears the same styles. clothes and appearance have hit a wall. it seems to me that the fashion of the 80's was a bit more creative. people did things that were different, to be different. nowadays if you're different you're stupid. you're dubbed not so stupid if you wear the cool clothes. but that shirt you bought at target for 7.99 will for sure make you a stupid canadate. imaginery quote:"what a dork, he buys his clothes at target, instad of gucci!!"

let me get this straight:

be different. wear things that to you, are cool/hip/fun/express how you feel, and disregard what people "should" look like if they desire to be hip/cool. OR just listen to the all mighty MTV and wear the clothes that the tools of the industry wear. **who knows if they are paid to wear the clothes they wear or not? i dunno. but somehow it makes me want to look like them since they're on TV** seems to be the general sense of the younger population these days.

so then: you're cool. you're wearing the cool clothes. you're not stupid. you paid 150.00 for your blue jeans and 50.00 for your button up short sleeve shirt. everyone has the same jeans, and the same shirt, same styles, wearing it the same, but you're still cool. cause that nerd over in the corner with the hat that he bought at a thrift store, or the shirt that wasn't from abercrombie is the not hip one.

what am i missing here?

labels. it's all about the labels.

the more expencive and trendy sounding the label is, the cooler. and thus you have more style than the next fellow.

the 80's spawned a fashion nightmare. or did it? maybe since we've grown up brainwashed with the concept that wearing the more expencive labels automatically turns you into a fashionable person (thanks to the great pop stars that we look oh so high up to).

i feel that the 80's was more fashionable since they did what they wanted to and expressed how they felt thru their clothing instead of how much they spend on their clothing.

my mom buys most of my clothes. this isn't why i look like i'm from the 80's. i just have more fashion sense =)


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