Wednesday, May 5, 2004

am I being tested?

I left for lunch... Got some money at the atm and off to jack in the box. As I order I hear an excuse me from an older person. He's filthy.he says "I'm sorry to be bothering you. There's a little black dog over there. She's hungry and she's all I got" he continues this story of how little he has. I was more scared than anything... I just interrupted him, ordered my 2 $.99 chicken sanwiches, and drove thru. His charachter lingered in my mind while I pulled out 2 fresh $20.00 bills and set my new (this is how I'm posting my blog right now) internet surfing phone. Then glance at my ipod, realize the car I'm in and I feel guilt. Would my loved ones be happy with how I handled him??

I started to look for him in the parking lot. I became curious of his story... Who was he? What made him so poor? How did he only have $16.00 and what crazy things has he seen? I contemplated buying him food... Sitting down for 30mins and just listen to him talk. Woulda been cool, but as cool as me, in my car, under a tree, writing this blog and posting it? I dunno...


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