Wednesday, May 19, 2004

no backspace

i broke my keyboard at work. i spilled some green tea on it and it's lost the "b" "z" and "x" keys. it was an ergonomic. microsoft brand. makes me sad. i guess what i'll have to do is buy a new keyboard and bring in myone from home. so wyh does it say no backspace at the top of this blog? well that's diff. cause i am not using the backspace key for this post. i've written 3 posts in the last 2 days and they just don't deserve to be published. so no wi'm writing with no backspace button. i'm going commando. it's been done before and pulled off. so why not stick to the formula!~?

actually, today i'm nervous. i've not been this type of nervous for quite some time. i'm fickle with my weekend plans, very fickle. if my weekend plans haven't been established 5days before the weekend actually hits, it's panic time! that's how today is. i'm all riled up. no concrete plans. sure i've got the weekend of june 5, june 12, june 19, june 26th all planned, june is good. even aug has some tenative and soon to be permanent plans.

man this was a piss poor idea. who ever told me to not use a backspace keey has failed .me i've lost my blogging reopur and i can't spell worht beans either. since it's friday i don'tcare, i'm wearing my shirt untucked, and i'm ready to make some plans. adios muchachos!


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