Thursday, May 27, 2004

what hapens to old girls and young guys?

my first impression of older men is that they have money. clean cut, proper, golf oriented, sucessful, impatient men come to mind. when I think of youn girls the first impression I get is sex. younger girls are sexy. so whay do the guys do before they get old, and what happens to the young girls as they get old?

personally, an opinion I carry is that dating too far away from my current age is not very desireable nor does it have good chance of being a sucessful relationship. this opinion of mine has been formed due to observing others as well as some personal life experiences. there's a definite difference in maturity and stages in life. this makes certain conflicts that are not always comprehendible by both parties at the same time. this is not to say that if I find myself at 50 years old and single I won't have a 24 year old bikini model for a personal sextoy, but I'm focusing on sucessful good ol' fashioned relationships. the ones that make the world go round.

my upbringing has a lot to do with it. my parents are less than a year apart... so why don't older girls like younger men? maybe they do but don't get them? maybe having an attractive sexual partner is higher on a man's priority list and having a wealthy sexual partner is high on a woman's list.

so what happens to those girls you grow up with? in elementary school, they're deemed as "the pretty" ones or "the cute" ones. and you play teatherball or throw the football at them. well, soon you find that you're in middle school and that "cute girl" is dating a highschooler, and then in HS she's got a college boy... and once you start working, and cruise friendster during breaktime you learn that the "the cute" one is married, and 25 years old, and her hubby is 40, and on his second wife. (I guess now I know what happens to those "cute" girls that used to tease me in elementary school...)

its the girls that always cause me to lose focus. the girls sidetrack me. they steal the show and I lose track of what's really going on. the guys. I remember being friends with the guy in hs who dated a middleschooler, and the guy in college who had a hs girlfriend. sure the girls were cute but they were damn annoying, just too immature for me. seeing these guys I noticed that this is what I didn't want to be. these guys had to deal with immature, incompitent, hot girls. it was as if for these guys to get girls they were sexually attracted to, they had to sacrifice something.

guys and girls have levels. school levels are the same for both, but guys go up after school, and girl's level goes down. from 21-22 years old, girls start do lose their demand. and men's level goes up!

guys are like an aged alcohaul, with time it gets more expencive and refined, girls are like exotic flowers, the grow and look beautiful, but then bloom for only a bit, and then start wilting away.

so those girls who are really hot, can dat multiple levels up. the goal of a girl is to date a level above theirs. and a guys goal is to date a girl at his equivalent level. as yes, the conflict has been uncovered. so how does a guy attract a girl of his equivalent level when her eyes are focused on the guys above our perspective gentleman of the same level?

lets pull out an example. our mid twenties working woman. she's not fully on her own, works a steady job, lives at home, or gets her parents to give her a car. but overall, she's got some direction and when she finds a man to help her out she'll be free of her parents help and start to lean financially on her new mr. while this mr. is financially doing well for himself (sports car, his own house, better job, and well sure he's 7 years older but isn't a bad looking gentleman) this guy want's to find a girl of the same age and same financial status. what will he use to impress her? furthermore his competition is with men of 10 years older than he is, bigger houses, management jobs, and much more appealing to the woman who our hero has his eye on. so what is the question? his woman of choiice is the 7 year younger one, the one he can impress, support, and feel good about 'winning over'.

what does it all mean for me? I'm fucked. I'm sitting here with the desire of a guy who's 35 years old, but I'm sitting at a level of a 15 year old guy... unless I wait till our mid twenties woman starts to drop in levels and I start to go up, just hope those greedy mid 30's guys leave a few for me have a chance at.

(this was composed on my phone, so please look past the spelling/grammar errors)


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