Monday, May 10, 2004

what time do you have??

I was at a mall this weekend... A very foreign place to me, but I had my friend around and he had plans to go to the mac store (where guys think computers, and girls think makeup) I'm using this term 'mac' with the guys idea in mind. so as i marvel at the $3,000.00 machines lining the walls, computing 0's and 1's faster than imaginable by the human mind i find myself lost in a sea of electronics. mp3 players, laptops, keyboards, flatscreen monitors, colors, cases, batteries. i'm in ameer's playground!

after about an hour of looking around james decide to leave. upon leaving, something catches my eye... a watch is sitting next to a laptop. quickly it occurs to me that someone took their watch off in order to not scratch the 15" powerbook laptop that is sitting beside the watch... i smoothly walk over and check out the watch, look around and pick it up, upon looking at it i realize it's a nixon watch. the black face one. $225.00 worth of time telling genious suddenly falls into my lap and asks to be mine.

now i look at james, and james looks at me. what do i do? time quickly freezes, i've just been rear ended on a monday morning, someone kicked my side fender leaving an ugly dent at $1000.00 in damage, so this is my up! but then; i just got a new phone and i'm loving life with the ipod. so many things race thru my head and it feels as tho my heard is responsible for the speed of the thoughts due to the rate at which it is pumping.

i'm stern. i don't let the devil on my shoulder persuade me, i walk up to the counter and hand the watch to a younger looking gentleman with an all black shirt and a small white apple in the middle of it. "i found this watch sitting by the laptops" and i hand it over, he thanks me and puts it in the drawer.

we leave.

later on while in a book store (this totally sounds like a lie, first of all i'm at the mall, second of all i'm at a book store, but i swear it's true, i swear!) i start talking to james about some songs i heard on the net. some funny songs. he mentions that we could go to the mac store and listen to them! so we do!

2 hrs after our first visit to the mac store james and i return to the colorful yet simple store that screams power with ease of use, we park ourselves next to a computer and start up the downloads.

half way thru i mention that i should ask for my watch. just go up and say "hi i left my watch here" and hope the real owner hadn't come back for it yet. then i decide to stay stern, i initially made the right decision in not taking the watch, and decide to just remain in favor of some good karma.

when suddenly i hear "hey this is a nice watch!" and i see a different person at the counter... trying on the watch. it fits him nice and he's modeling it like a 5 year old girl who was allowed to raid her mother's fuzzy boa collection. it's sickening. he keeps touching it and looking at it as tho he's preparing to buy it. james and i share a look at eachother and this time instead of the adrenalyn pumping excited feeling of finding a new watch, it's the "holy crapola, that chump ass apple employee is fishing my watch out of the lost and found. james and i are the only witnesses. i could have called him on it but i thought by now i've got so much credit from karma that pulling a fast one now will definately put me in the whole for a year. we walk out and i decide to forget it, but that's too tough. i realize that this was a blogworthy story for my monday. i guess that's the fruits of my good karma...


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