Monday, April 12, 2004

random monday

i saw bringing down the house this weekend. i think that people these days just love white people, especially old ones, talking like gangsta rappers. it's just comedy. boost mobile does it, steve martin does it, we laugh. it's great. does it get tiring? i don't know.

so then, i've been working at this job for 1 year, 1 month, 9 days, and today was the first day since that glorious "hi i'm the new guy" speech i gave everyone, that i had cereal for breakfast. it was some safeway select honey bunches of oats imitation wanna be that my mom forced me to take from her house when i left a few weeks ago. and i didn't have milk so i used water, tap water at that from the sink. but man did it feel good. i'm going to do this again! it's 9am, i'm not starving like a mofo (which i usually am by this time) and i think it's healthier to eat earlier in the day. or maybe it's not so healthy. i don't know health. but i do know that i jogged last week, and yea baby i'm going to do it again.

for the record, ipods are the best invention since sex. thank you.

it's plant shutdown this week. that means that the hula dancing girl on the top of my computer monitor will not dance for me to the beat of the 12000 lb hammer that shakes my desk like the scene in jurassic park where the T-rex was showing up and their water cup started shaking. oh, that also means it'll be quiet.

breakfast foods are my favorite. i smell scrambled eggs right now. maybe it's in my head. maybe it's not. i don't see them, and the few in the office who eat breakfast at 9am aren't here. this makes me wonder why it is that i smell the fragrance of scrambled eggs.

*note to self one cannot be soar the are sore from working out/running.


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