Thursday, July 14, 2005

a week or two ago georgette calls me. she's having itunes technical difficulties. her library is > 4GB thanks to music donations of jon and jon g. her issue is with itunes and her ipod. the ipod can only store 4GB of songs, and the music library on her comptuer is now much larger than that. in this case itunes was designed to pick songs for you, and load the ipod to capacity. she was unsatisfied with the selection itunes had given her. "how do i change it ameer!"

i'm a firm believer in the phrase "give a man a fish, feed him for a day. teach hong to fish, feed your ego for life". taking the easy way out, (just telling her the step by step instructions to turn off the autosync fxn) would have resulted in more service phone calls down the line, hence more tech support for our hero.

i learned her all about playlist syncing, manual updating, ejecting the ipod, managing playlists, drag and drop, sorting, searching, and all the other phenominal features of itunes.

after 20 minutes or so, i had her saying "oh wow, i kinda like this, it's actually pretty easy!"

that's when i told her, and she finally understood: "yea it is hu? now just imagine, every program on your computer working just like this. that's how macs are."

her response, "OH MAAAAAANNN!!! i just bought this compaq~!"

i sat back in my chair and smiled. i love my mac, don't you?


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