Sunday, June 9, 2002

sex and money

people who have money, spend it.

people who don't have money dream about it.

these basic principles are the foundation mentality of the human being.

think of sex appeal, or good looks, or the ability to attract the opposite (or same if your preference be) sex as money. people who have it, spend it. people who don't dream about getting some someday. the point being: i see many girls who just can't not have a boyfriend... they've honestly got a "take a number" booth going and well we wonder why?

simplify: they've got a lot of sex appeal and damnit they're spending it cause they got it.

now then, another question is about love, where does that fit in? love is like happyness. many people who are rich wouldn't say that they're happy. just as many people who are desireable aren't in love.

the parallel is a bit abstract and the way i convey it is translucent, and my spelling is shit. but after wondering how someone could just go from lover to lover boggled my mind. if i were to do the same i'd be an emotional wreck! but these people have been rich in sex appeal they're whole life, and want it or not they've had the "take a number" line forming whether the like it or not. so they've grown up this way learned this style of life and will lead it this way.

watching how rediculous people with money spend their money is the same as watching attractive people break hearts and work their way into everyone's bed. they're looking for something better than the next, as people with money look for the same. problem is that there's always gonna be something that you can buy that'll be more expencive and better quality, but as far as finding people.. that's where the flaw is and that's the catch.

when you buy something that object is 100% yours and you decide it's fate. when you have a partner, they decide their fate, they're not yours even if they tell you that they are, they may change their mind. there's more variables in this scenario and that's why it's hidden... there's too many variables that people believe it to be random, when in fact it's not.

but what am i talking about... girls who look good will always have guys that want them. most girls will take the guys and when one gets boring, they'll change to the next. guys the same. but i think that anyone who spends their money on the same thing bores me. it's just too bad that there's not enough people (who live in my small irvine bubble) that have money *sex appeal* yet chose to hold on to it instead of spending it on every one that takes a number.


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