Thursday, June 27, 2002

boring blogs

sometimes i feel that blogs are only for me. like i have a bunch of writers that write daily about the important or intresting aspects of their lives. and i get upset when i read crappy material. i mean i love food, but i don't want to read a paragraph about what someone ate for lunch!!!

then i got to thinking.

i don't have a bunch of writers that write daily about the important or intresting aspects of their lives. i have a little ring of friends that share their lives with me publicly on the internet. i should actually enjoy the posts that i read, not for the entertainment that it brings me, but for the content that is being shared with me.

some people have commented to me the they could never write about themselves like this on the internet. they're afraid of stalkers and identity theft. or maybe they are afraid that they're lives are way too boring or that their writing style is so poor that they'll not impress anyone or give off a worse impression of themselves than they belive that they currently give off.

but the underliying point is that i'm sick of boring blogs. and i'm not helping the situation one bit with this crappy entry. i guess i'm not a humanitarian when it comes to blog entries. damn the system and damn the critics of the system!!! (that includes me)

*i think all this frustration yeilds from not having my turntables set up yet....

no but really, for me to get upset at the quality of blogs must mean that there's an inner source of frustration.... is it the fact that my turntables are all packed up, i don't really think so, i think that i use them to release frustration thus i must be frustrated! living in san diego is difficlut at times. i feel a bit lonely and rushed. so i find myself packing my weekends full of stuff to do while i'm up at irvine. but there's reasons that i'd want to stay here instead. it's complicated and i can't simplify it, but basically those are the important and intresting aspects of my life that are publicly displayed.

sorry for not writing for you.


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