Friday, June 21, 2002

so this is it

i'm gettin a move on. the waterbed has been drained, i only got one mouthful of water trying to siphen out the 500+ gallons i had been sleeping on illegaly set on the second story of our mediocre costa mesa townhouse.

i'm currently sitting on my floor with my laptop on my lap *go figure* an empty bedframe, and random shit scattered about... not to mention the 10 gal fish tank is also up.. which i told james i'd post a pic of but since the link is packed i won't be able to do for another week or so.

on to more intresting points and aspects of my life and mind:

watching two girls make out is fun. -but it's only fun in small doses. it's like the creme brulet after a large gormet meal. eating an entire meal of chocolate mouse just doesn't do it for me. a taste once in a while is good tho. actually it's more like watching all of the above on the food network and not getting to actually eat it....

the past few days i've been dreading, and when they came i was scared to take them on. moving out really wasn't something i wanted to do. san diego isn't somewhere i want to be. and wed was the day that i had to actually go through with the reality of what i had been imagining. wed was an awesome day. thursday i didn't want to leave. hangin with hong and vic was awesome. duy too.. love that fool

eating dinner with mom and dad, seeing my sister. there's more in SD for me than i thought. it's just so hard to change. it's inevitable, and people still fight the inevitable. maybe because change requires a bit more work than one would like to put in... i never want to put in work.

i'd rather just sit and watch the food network!


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