Wednesday, July 30, 2003

on a weird thought, i realized that i'm really happy being the guy who's NOT dating courtney cox.

on a random discussion about how i'm chandler and i'm out living in tulsa, smoking, while all my "friends" are back in NY doing nothing everyday all day except fun stuff. only exception is that i'm NOT dating courtney cox. then like in an afterschool special i daydreamed about actually being the random nobody to actually date courtney cox. getting publicity and getting tabloids... wowing my co-workers, friends and family, bringing her to mom and dad and completely showing off that a nobody like me can bring home a rich famous pretty girl like such. then i realized that i'd be forever known as the guy who dated courtney cox. like how some people meet girls and start dating them yet they never introduce them to you, or very rarely bring them around, so they are deemed _____'s girlfriend. only i'd be this on a HUGE scale. this would really bring down my value as an undiscovered hot guy (self proclaimed of course) i'd be a used for a bit hot guy (cause how the hell could i date and then go onto marry courtney cox?) so as it is, being a nobody keeps my stock up, keeps me the man i am today. dating courtney cox is a quick up and then an infinite down...

unless i move on to jennifer?


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