Wednesday, July 30, 2003

morning email to nancy


went to the macaroni grill for dinner. and i know you've done this before everyone has. where you order something in hopes that it's a bit more volume than quality. then when the food comes it's like a wanna be top knotch restraunt platter (translation: no food, and not that hot of quality) so yea that happened to me. i got the italian equivalent of 3 mini chicken quesedillas. i'm sorta trying to cut back the amt of food i eat by regulating how fast i eat and this was a very helpful meal to that goal. BUT i think it should have cost me 3.99 not 9.99.... i suffered as i saw the other people at the table (there were about 20 it was my friend's bday) take home leftovers or complain about how much food they had. i on the other hand, was painstakingly trying to eat as slow as possible and talk as much as possible. i still had my plate looking brand spanking new by the time people were just about half way done with their food.

am i bitter? temporarily. what will i do about it? gotta start asking more questions. i ordered what i ordered in hopes that it was what i had previously ordered on a different visit to the grill. because i was most satisfied then.

and i still spent 20.00 on drinks... drinks will be the death of me, they will be the death, but how can i hit up a 21yr bday party and not buy the bday girl a drink? that's a mortal sin in my book, and i don't have such a big book to begin with.

how was your tuesday?


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