Thursday, July 31, 2003

wacky wed.

so today is thrusday. yes good ol thursday.

but first let's talk wed. so wed i get home, after having a hot dog for lunch (which i came home and made) along with my egg sanwich.. i decided that i'm going to start making some food for myself and then just heat it up when i get home for lunch. so i got home from work, and made another hot dog. =(

THAT'S when i said to myself this is too much. and went to the grocery store... $100.00 later, i have food at my appt. i've never spent so much $$ at the grocery store, it's usually like <$50.00 i mean, damn.. i doubled my most expencive grocerystore run! and well i dunno if you know but i'm not really "in the money" i'm actually constantly running on empty. which allows for a good transistion into my next wed event...

so luis called me while i was grocery shopping and he's like, so man, you wanna move in with us, then you gotta move in sept. cause that's when we can do it. *think to myself, that's only 3 months into my 6 mo lease* you'll prolly lose your deposit, how much was it? $400.00 BUT in the 3 months of paying $300.00-$400.00 dollars less you may be able make up that 400 dollar deposit in the first month! (current rent = 895, possible future rent = 500-600) so that's a good thing, bad thing is that i'm moving AGAIN!

let's count.

lived in costa mesa for 2 yrs, you helped me move down in the summer to hong's(such a sweet girl)

3mo later, i moved back up to the 4 girls and me

3mo later i moved BACK to hongs

3mo later i moved to lakewood with my cousin

3mo later i moved into my appt.

2mo later i'm about to move in a month, see a pattern, i'm a nomad, a gypsy, a wanderer, a man with no home. (i do have an extensive collection of addresses and house keys) hopefully i will rest my feet for more than 3 months after this 5th time of staying put for only 3 months.

so onto today. i am seeing elisa today.... somehow, somehow she initially said she'd go to my bday thing at that club, where hong and babbs went to. then she didn't show up. later on she said she'd take me out to eat for my bday, cause she missed it. NOW it's today we're meeting up and she's like: you can take me out cause my birthday! (which is aug 7th) and cause she's leaving.... how did me getting taken out to dinner totally get switched into me taking her out to dinner, and she wants to go to sushi in west hollywood.

so this is where i complain to you... i don't like that.

actually i really feel good about doing the 100.00 grocerys, i've been doing 10 pushups a day for the past three days. i'm going to do 10 pushups for 7days then 15 for 7days and then 20 for 7days then 25 for 7days... and etc.. i think that'll be kinda cool... then situps 20 then 30 then 40... so we'll see how long i can keep it up. cause i figured baby steps and this is WAY baby steps... also eat REALLY slow. like MAD slow, chew the heck outta my food. it's embarrasing to scarf down your food and everyone's just enjoying it, i feel so primal and unmannered - like how i make up words.

so yea, that's wed. and thurs... expect to hear about the elisa encounter tomorrow. have a nice day! bye!



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