Thursday, July 17, 2003

dreams come true

wanna hear a sappy story? well then read aloud:

i graduated in dec. and spent 2 miserable unemployed months at "hotel pan" which i later deemed to be "the black hole" cause it sucked me down. kept me there too.

there were only a few things that brought me out of the black hole writing songs with daves was one of them. i longed to have an appt of my own somewhere in west LA (where it's just cool to be) making money having a job, being independant, not worrying about someone's parent's rules about alcohaul in the house or peeking in my bedroom at 7am on a saturday morning to see if i had a girl sleep over or not. writing songs was fun, but didn't pay for my car payment or my electricity bill. and i know wasn't going to take care of my student loan. i got a call one day, and it was for an interview. yadda yadda yadda here i am yesterday, after a sh*tty day at work i came home and good ol daves was there with some MGD in a can and a new song he had just composed. he said, all i need now is lyrics! as we sat and drank and talked and sang i realized that i'm living my 6-7 month old dream.

my own appartment, no black hole pulling me down. i'm still somewhat broke and i'm still far from eternal happyness, but damn i'm in a much better place than i was 7 months ago. in a happier place.

i also just got word that my nextel contract is up, so i'm moving on to another company, cause nexel's $90/month payment is just not what i would like to spend my money on. suggestions? cingular? verison? t-mobile? (catherine!!) at&t?

i love getting new phones, i also love changing my phone number, it filters out the mess. and those who i call on a reg basis will get my new no. in a day or so... so many people hold on to their phone numbers, as if people memorize them or even remember what area code that they're in. i know two phone numbers, mom's and mine. mom's cause i gotta call my mom. and mine cause then i can give it out to all the ladies who ask for it (NOTE: none have so far but soon i expect tons)

thus concludes the life of ameer navidi, he lived a wonderful prosperous life and yes his pants were tight and his shoes were light.


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