Sunday, February 12, 2006

“if men were born with wives, every man would be a genius”

my friend sonic, he told me this quote the other day. to whom this quote deserves credit, i do not know. google could not provide the answer in less than 30 seconds, and that’s where my search for the rightful owner stopped. regardless it is neither mine nor his.

the more i thought about the quote, the more beautiful it appeared to me.

immediately, the quote: “behind every great man, stands a great woman” came to mind. the quote at the top of this post initially gives off the feel that it’s an ode to women type quote. to most, that’s where it stops. yet when you look deeper into this quote more is revealed

if men were born with wives, they in turn, would not waste precious hours and dollars in the ridiculous pursuit for wife. with ample funds, and time on each man’s hands, he would be able to get to the things that “matter”.

if every man would stop spending time and money on cologne, clothes,, and clubs –they would be at home inventing cures for cancer, 1000-horsepower 200-mile per gallon cars, and of course trees that really did grow money.

the quote has a shiny high-gloss finish that appears to be sweet, and pleasing the female gender from a male perspective. instead it speaks truth the only way men can say truth without getting reprimanded, by masking the real meaning behind a compliment.

men seem to always have, a hobby, sport, idea, or something other than family/women that occupy their time. generally, women don’t have ‘things’. women have clothes, shoes, food, and gossip. these are all things geared towards being mothers and/or finding a husband.

i’m 50/50 on this quote. half of me loves the method with which the person sneaks his message across by depicting his message as a compliment, when it in fact, is hardly that. secondly, i agree with the message. i would have had better grades, worked harder at my job, saved more money, and pursued ventures that remain on the back burner.

what would women be if they were born with husbands? eternally happy? bored? wives!


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