Friday, April 19, 2002


after coasting thru some blogs scavenging for some inspiration i came across nancy's page and she was talking about the fact that she's not sure if she's a tomboy or not.

i just want to quickly go into that for a sec.... on the outside it looks like she's way girly and foofooey so she says... i mean sure the web address and the colors and the cute little pandas and the flowers are all pretty damn girly, that's just surface stuff. i mean if someone wears pink or blue, doesn't make them a girly girl or a tomboy... that's just appearance and controllable variances.

now, the fact that she made her boyfriend a present that was one of those 4 x 4 grids with one block missing so you have to slide the pieces around and get all the blocks in the right order, but the blocks in order formed her picture and this was a computer program! what chick does that? what chick could even tell you what that was? she's a tomboy because she's not a typical girl.

if she was a typical girl then well she'd not be a tomboy. but i mean she thinks like a tomboy, not to be confused with a guy, but a tomboy

wow all this talk about girls and guys really made me realize that i'm thursty and hungry, i should eat something now

with that said.... i don't know what i have accomplished but i do know that i do like girly tomboys, and i guess this post is to appreciate nancy.


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