Wednesday, April 24, 2002


boobs, every guy thinks boobs are important, no matter what they say they are important! i mean it's one of the few things that defines a woman, and well if a guy likes a woman then he's going to like boobs since they're part of a woman.


since guys are big on them, well, so are girls! girls care about boobs too, they want them to look nice, be nice, and attract attention from guys. maybe not at all times, but sometimes they do.


so what about those girls who don't have "the perfect boobs"

do guys still like those girls??


hells yea. just cause a girl doesn't have the perfect rack doesn't mean she's not the perfect girl, or woman for that matter.

i mean i see lots of pretty girls that i think would be more attractive sexually with bigger boobs...

BUT that doesn't mean that they should get their boobs done to look so.

fake boobs are a turn off.

first off if someone is so vain as to pay thousands of dollars so that their boobs are bigger isn't someone that i'm looking for.

second off if money isn't an issue and they're filty rich and the few thou isn't really a big deal to them it's still a turn off that they're not happy enough with what they look like already.

i personally think it's very sexy when a girl is comfortable with her body, and content with what she has. even more so if it's NOT the typical hourglass shape body.

i mean i like a typical bikini model body as much as the next guy

but it's different.

the principles

the priorities

there's so much that is just plain wrong...

it's like me going out and getting a fake sixpac... (cause i've got a fat gut)

but it'd just not really be ME.

and that's what i ultimatley want, ME... wait no, damn man... blogging's got me losing my mind and my thoughts in one consecutive manner...

bottom line, i don't like fake boobs... let's boycott them!


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