Thursday, April 18, 2002

i can't go on like this

i can't go on like i'm going on.

playing and not working make ameer a tired boy.

btw i hate it when i ask people how they're doing and they say that they're "tired" shit man we're all tired! i wanted to know what's changed about you that i don't know,

but then i give attitude to people who don't give me enough thought to their conversation starter....


today i enjoyed riding a fatty block of ice down a wet grassy hill with people that i harldy know. gotta love that spop group. they're so sweet and sour at the same time, like the perfect additive to an eggroll or something.

what am i blabbering about? who knows..

the integrity of this journal has been slowly depleting and has reached an ultimate all time low rite here on april 18th 1:45am pacific standard time

i used to think about what i could put on this page before, i used to care what people read about/from me... but now i'm a drunken mess that doesn't have rhyme reason or rythm.... can't even spell

i'm outs... but i'll think about this more and hit yall back with a fatty comeback!!!


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