Monday, April 1, 2002

it's started!

what started? school !!

yea i'm still in school, and yea it started up again. does that mean that school will intelectually stimulate my neurons into pondering the unanswerable questions of existence once more....

probably not, if anything's getting stimulated it's the fact that spring is coming and so are all the cute outfits that girls like to wear when the sun doesn't hide... i mean that's almost my whole inspiration to going to class (not that my engineering classes have any of those) but walking to them does! -yes if you've deducted that i lead a pathetic life cause i look forward to seeing cute girls on campus in between classes, then you've just passed the "are you a genious" test.

there's more to life than a hot pair of boobs and a short skirt. most people don't know this (male and female) i sometimes don't know this. but more than others i feel that i'm more aware of those things in life that keep us alive till 100+years old.

i mean honestly if sex was the only thing to live for, or the ultimate thing.. who'd want to be old, i mean how good is sex when you're 62? i've never boned a 62 yr old, but then i've also not stuck my hand in a blender. some things you know you just won't enjoy....

*neurons were acting up just now,

so yea... back to more important things, i learned how to post a picture on my blog, i'm stoked about that! i'm going to try to do it again right here:

naked music

that's the latest naked music record that i bought, and well the coolest picture that i could post since i don't have server to upload to yet, high-entropy will soon have a server tho, a good one, the harddrive is down....

so i'm technically boring myself with what i'm writing so i'm going to leave this one kickin and screaming like a falling star


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