Wednesday, May 1, 2002

so i took another quiz sent to me by the fray and guess who i am!


anyhow, that's not what's on my mind.. i'm thinking about game.

not like hunting deer or anything, like guys hunting girls...

i was talking to one person about another person and we were wondering "how does he get chicks?" we concluded that he has no game, and well it's hard to get the girliees with no scheme right?


no game is game.

the girls like a honest, non "try to get in your pants" type of guy.. it's just that there's all these other guys that have game that make them look better than they really are.

girls have game too but we're neglecting that for this entry.

but yea, so then i reflect on myself...

so there's not really many girls that spark my intrest really.. but there's this one right. and well i'm thinking what's my game? i don't really have much game do i?

so i'm wondering if i'm the nogame kinda guy rite?

nopes... i'm like in the middle of no game and game. which is technically NO GAME.

like i don't have enough game to get chicks, but i have enough to scare them away and see that i'm not a gameless guy.

all this gaming... take the quiz, bart needs no chicks!!!



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