Wednesday, May 15, 2002

something intresting

so i should have something intresting here shouldn't i?

since the title is something intresting....

usually i talk about girls..

or questions i have about girls...

or computers, or girls...

i guess i write a lot about girls don't i? but i mean that's what i think about i guess.. well when i see the screen, and there's a blank canvas, it's inviting for me to express my relations with other people, mostly about girls tho, cause i don't have anyone to talk to about that, so i write it here

you know that person, the 'last call' person...

most people have that last call person, or that anytime call person. i don't really.

that's how you know you're lonely

if you don't have that person.

like most people i know, they'll call someone rite before they go to sleep to say what happened in their day and good nite and all that stuffs... but then there's the other person that you can call anytime and just chat about what's new and stuffs...

i got none of those really, i guess the captian is one person that i call just to shoot shit with, but overall, nobody for that 'last call'

it's 12:58am on tues nite or actually wed morn, and i just wish rite now that i had a last call person that i could call and just talk about nothing with, it's so much nicer than going to bed after a few beers, jay leno, and a cig...

batchelor life, guess i should enjoy it cause i won't some day? rite, keep on telling myself that.

*this post has a very heavy undertone that i'm lonely and need a girl bad, that is false. i just want a sudo-cute girl to call and say goodnite to before i sleep cause i think that'd put me in a good mood before i hit the hay and i'd get good rest.

or i'm lying to myself

who knows?


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