Monday, May 27, 2002

the internet

the information superhighway, the web, the net, the place where i waste more time than most school kids do watching tv.

honestly, i'm an internet supernerd.

i'm happy if i have internet. and the scary thing is that i'm not alone.

what's so nice about it?

me sittin by myself looking at this damn monitor pushing these keys is not the boy's dream of spending a monday off form school is it?

take a look at my room, it's filty. my kitchen, even worse.

do i have anything to wear? course not, it's all dirty!

yet i sit here with this generations idea that not caring is cool, and procrastinating is fun.

i've overheard millions of "i'm lazier than you" conversations, and people take pride in that shit.

i've done so. it's like a competition.

let's compete to see who can do the least yet gain the most, seems like this generation's attitude

but there's so much you can do with the internet, currently i'm updating a blog, writing an assighment, looking for used cars, downloading austin powers, listening to michael jackson, and chatting with the captian... that's quite a lot, yet it's not much as far as 'getting shit done' is concerned...

3:32, in pj's haven't eaten yet, 2 games of starcraft played, 1.5 pages written, this blog.. that's all i have to show for,

i'm outta here, beat it!


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