Thursday, May 9, 2002


i feel like updating... i need to.

if practise makes perfect then i've almost achieved unperfection.

ie, my spelling.

i could go back and change it, but it'd actually me going forward in time, to change something that i've previously done, and thus changing history maybe for the worst. so i'm going to leave practice with a 's' and i'm going to not find how you really spell achieve, even if it's right i'd not know.

so i read my brother's blog and he's so upset at people living their lives the way that he thinks he should be living his. it's weird cause in a sense i wrote that in my previous post. i just looked at it with a totally different perspective.

so anyhow, i had this training on religeon. and i wasn't sure what to do.

they put signs all around the room: jewish, catholic, christian, prodistant, wiccs, rastafarian, non-believer, other....

i went to other.

they had agnostic, but i wasn't sure i even belonged there. religeon is such a weird subject, it's almost eaiser to say i'm a christian and not do shit for it, than to say i'm nothing, and well not do shit. people were trying to label what it was i had decided on for me, and the fact of the matter is that i've not decided, so how could they? maybe their religeon gives them special powers that i don't have...

i was kinda biffed about the whole discussion so i just told people my analogy. analogys are great, you can give someone who has no experience in a subject a parallel to something that they do have experience in. it's all about that if a = b and b = c then a = c theorm. i mean that's the basis of more than one could imagine.

but yea, so i told them that asking me what religeon i am is like asking a person who's never watched TV what's their favorite TV show. i mean they've heard stories, and they've talked to people about TV shows extensively. but they still have never seen one. so how could they really choose ?

answer: they can't. so i couldn't. besides i don't like TV that much anyhow.

but this is about religeon... or is it?


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