Friday, May 10, 2002

happy place

where is my happy place? when people are down, or there's something very wrong, they think of their favorite place in the whole wide world, or their favorite memory.

i don't have one...

everything that's happy was happy, but now isn't.

i don't have a girlfriend anymore,

my dog is too old to play,

my computer only has 128mb SD ram... (that one really makes me sad)

i dunno.. i think of the good ass times, like the dorms..

but i don't chill with those kids no more.

what is it? i dunno... that's the biggest problem. i don't know enough to make any decisions.

i think about a decision that must be made, but just like what religeon, i'm not 100% knowledgeable about the decision. and so if i don't know what i'm getting into i'm not sure if i want to make that decision...

so i get all confused, stressed out, and panikie... so i tell myself go to my happy place!

but where does that get me? i lost my happy place =(


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