Wednesday, March 8, 2006

mstrkrft panthers remix

thank mstrkrft with your panthers

i love songs. music. noise. whatever people refer to when describing the sound waves i intentionally direct towards my ear drum (or bob my head to).

The song that’s caught my eye (ear) today is a remix. (follow me if you can) jesse keeler from death from above 1979 and al-p from girls are short make up a group called MSTRKRFT (pronounced Master Craft), and these two fellas did a remix of the panther’s song “thank me with your hands”.

the song starts out with an aggressively rock influenced dance inspired bass line. within 3 seconds of the song i was already in love, but it gets better.

the panther’s lyrics hit you with a mandatory jump up and down feeling. Some of the lines in this song just dead rock out. it’s a breakup-I’m over you type song turned party favorite –omgwhatisthissongyou’!!!

the fantastic~ness of this song is discovering it’s evolution. i found the original version of “thank me with your hands” by the panthers. i listen to this song, wondering why the hell MSTRKRFT remixed it??? 'this sucks' would be a compliment to the original track. i’d say 1.3 on a 1-10 scale. how the heck did jesse and al come up with the genius remix that we hear now? Talk about turning water into wine, MSTRKRFT has a midas mixer or something similar going on in the studios.

i do have to say it’s a bit cliché, songs about girls and broken relationships. I also am not a fan of overusing words like “tonight” in songs, which this song heavily overdoes. however, the goods shun out the bads in this case.

the background vocals add even more fun. combine fun with the dancy-funky bass line and you got fun+dance. finally, throw in some electric guitar and you’ve got hip jam. that's a fun-dance-hip-jam. i feel 2 notches cooler driving around with this song playing a max volume.

on a personal note, i recently discovered the song wild horses by the rolling stones. i had heard and remembered the melody from my childhood, but did not know the artist or lyrics. i rediscovered wild horses right before i heard this song. the reference to wild horses in thank me with your hands is hilarious. i mean, who doesn’t wear shorts, listen to wild horses, and not cry? we can all relate!

here’s the lyrics:

i think i’m gonna leave brooklyn for a while,
i think i’m gonna go oakland for a while,
i’m gonna wear shorts
and i’m not gonna cry
when i listen wild horses
i dig holes all day
you and me, we’re not the same
we speak in sounds-secret sounds, secretly slang

you didn’t
you didn’t hurt me,
i got no feelings left
i dig holes all day,
you and me we’re not the same
we speak in sounds, secret sounds, secretless slang

let’s not talk about it,
we never did so why start now,
let’s go back to your place,
and not talk about it there.
i was thinking,
we should sleep i separate beds.
but the heat’s gone to my head,
let’s get sad at the same time tonight.


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