Tuesday, February 26, 2002


i'm kinda excited. don't have a good reason to be so, but i am excited. maybe cause i'm so envious of ryan's web site and some day will have one of my own that's something like that one...

or mabye it's cause today was one of "those days" where everything kinda worked, nothing sucked and well i just had an overall busy as hell, yet pretty ok day.

another upper was the fact that i saw
lazy dog last nite.. those guys are my current idols... why? cause i was there and they rocked the party.

it's hard to have fun sober... at least for people who don't know what they like.. that's why the get intoxicated, it brings your criticism down, along with your expectations and your attention to details... thus, why are not-funny people so funny when you're drunk?

or why is it that you can't remember your fav dj's set when you're rolling? why people always say "i love you man" when they're drunk.. why the ugly chicks get some at parties.. ~>don't know the exact answer but my point is i have something that i like so much that i don't need to be faded to enjoy it. and last nite lazy dog brought it to LA.

ok well.. this is turning into a "what i did yesterday" blog, which i have sworn on powers so high they are not to be spoken of that i would never devolve to writing.

so here's my question of the entry... why do i always write a question?

i don't know.. i guess since everything in the world has a pattern except for the number pi, and a few other exceptions.. that i also follow patterns.. and my algorithm for writing is to start out with a question and then answer it... i guess that's my style.. style and pattern are so not similar words but but such similar concepts?! weird.

so i guess i just half assed my algorithm today... whatever, i'm too busy talking to my friend carolyn on aim... she's the cutie in the blue shirt with her moms and pops

i'm so not-content with this entry being so lame, if i wasn't in such a good excited mood i'd erase it and start again tomorrow with another stupid question


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