Monday, February 4, 2002

ok so i'm pretty excited.

i just burned every episode of angelic layer on 7 cd's!!!! ~> excitement comes from two different reasons, first of all my computer works and it was able to burn at 20x, i'm still afraid to push it to it's 24x limit!! the second is cause watching angelic layer makes me happy, puts me in a good mood.

i still have to watch the last 7 episodes though

i wrote a limerik today with the aid of the captian jo.

i always pretend not to be

the person that you'd like to see

i don't hide my face

i create my own place

somehow you know i'm not me.

*please don't analyze this, cause i just wrote it without thinking of what it actually "says" just sounded a bit deep and contradictory. but i was really excited that she was semi-impressed by it, i mean she IS an english major, and I am an incompitent-writer aka engineer

so today i was leaving my appt, and i see this girl carrying some big bags of stuff, like she had done the whole, go home on the weekend deal and brought back hella stuff. she was walking all like it was heavy and i just ignored her. i didn't ask to help, which i later thought that i should have done.

but in order to make myself feel better i reasoned why i shouldn't have helped her...

see it's hard to be nice to a girl and but define that you're doing what you're doing to be nice, without offending her. ex: hi there, i have no intrest in you whatsoever, but do you need help? <~can't do that! but what if you say do you need help, she's thinking this guy just wants some ass...

and well the better looking the girl is the more of a predicament you're putting yourself into, cause there's a huge chance that she's been hit on by more sleezeballs and has less patience with some new guy acting like a gentleman just because he wants to help someone out.

"double edged sword"

"cuts both ways"

"you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't. "

women can't live with em, can't live without em"

"if i had a nickel for everytime"


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