Monday, February 18, 2002

problems blogging

i'm having problems blogging. this is the third time i've tried to do a feb 18th entry. and damnit, this time i'm going to not click a link to take me off this page, erasing the entry, or have someone come over and say f*ck it and close the window. i need to do this for all of the blogs that i read!

(i've noticed that nobody's blog is updated) i'm going to be the one to pioneer this action ~> or maybe it's that everyone went to vegas or snowboarding and i'm sitting here like an ass with nothing to do on a day off. NO WAIT! i have to finish my pinewood derby car! i honestly sound like more of a loser than i am, it's for a cash prize competition, not boyscouts!

ok i've been plagued with horrible blog entries for the last few weeks...

let's try to change that!

ok guys, girls too i guess...

lets say there's someone kinda interesting that you know of but have never met before and would like to. then all of a sudden she wakes you up while you're sleeping in your own bed... and she's naked!

some guys get all the luck

there's a few girls like that that i'd like to meet, wonder how i'd react. i thought it was funny.

so with that interesting thought provoking idea i'm off to work on my pinewood derby car!!! whoo hooo!


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