Tuesday, February 5, 2002


that's what it is.

hobbies, such a child word. oooh i got a hobbie meeting today, is that your hobbie? the word hobby sounds so lame.

BUT, people with hobbies are the interesting ones. hobbies keep us going. i often equate people to animals of lower intelligence. (i guess that's kinda a result of mathematics, for example the fraction 28 / 32 is very complex and hard to comprehend all that's going on cause there's 32 divisions and only 28 are full, it takes a bit of concentration for something like that, but if you simplify it to 7 / 8, it's a bit eaiser to understand and see.. simplification)

so i try to simplify people's personalities to animal's personalities.

for example those dogs that are always up to something, doing something mischivious, getting all into trouble, hopping fences, chasing cars... those are the interesting dogs, the kind that i like.

then there's the dogs that hover by their master 24/7, they even sit at the door when the master's gone waiting for them to come back! <~ i know A LOT of people who go down to that kind of dog when i simplify them.

guess i'm trying to say that hobbies are what make us different, those are what define personality, what the hell does a strong personality mean? well it's gotta do something with hobbies, math and dogs if you ask me!


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