Wednesday, February 13, 2002

just took my last midterm, of the quarter that is. i only had two, but this one was 2 grueling hours.

ok so one thing that really bothers me is the conversation killer you get when you ask someone :

what kind of music do you listen to?

and the jackass you asked replys with "everything" or even worse "everything except country" <~ those people have never listened to any country so the assume it's bad.

it's such a turn off in so many ways.. ggrrrrr! everything doesn't mean everything that mtv plays, cause there's so much more than that, that's just for starters... i ask that question to promote a conversation.. looking for some similar interests maybe? similar dislikes? so then when i say ok elaborate on everything... the answer to that is also the same! hip-hop, r&b, and rock those three types are hardly 'everything' if anything groups like linkin park and limp biscuit have combined those three or two of the three to make one gonera.

gimme a break, i'm a music critic. i can be! everyone's given the right to and well i'm excercizing my right to. weird thing is, if i saw someone i didn't know doing exactly what im doing, i'd prolly dislike them from the start. so it's ironic like that isn't it?

oh well. there's more i have to learn ~> now that i've got school out of the way for a bit


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