Saturday, February 2, 2002

home late

that's a popular theme for me these days.... just got back from sd, it's 4:17 am i have work at 10am, do math, figure not much time to sleep, which is essential for me these days as well.

nancy's 23, hong's unemployed... what else is new?

well i tell you, i turned in my app for spop. i had doubts about it, but shit i'm a sucker.

i can tell that when i have a daugher (cause i will have one some day) i'm gonna have to try REALLY hard to say no to her, i'm a softy.

note: getting a daugher means getting a girl, getting a girl means getting a job. i have neither, so this thought is really long term!

back to my "thought of the day" i mean i am soft, i can't be mad or say no, it brings me too much personal satisfaction to see a smile on someone's face knowing that i'm responsible for it. this proves to sometimes NOT be a good thing

like today. tonite i mean, i was at eric's house with tiff and minh... and before this i wasn't really on good terms with either, but!

when i saw eric, and tiff, i was just happy to see them. aside from all past stuff and present stuff too.. i've had good times with them before, and with that in mind i can't hold a grudge since i'm sure i'll have good times with them later.

minh on the other hand i've gone thru this schedule a few times, and well i'm soft, but not a complete idiot *comments should not correct me on this statement* and i've learned.... fire will burn you no matter when you touch it, so just DON'T TOUCH IT


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