Wednesday, February 20, 2002


i love comments

it's proof that someone's actually there listening and reading and (this is an assumption) caring! it's weird but in this lonely world... my world that is, there's a lot of good things going on and good people doing stuff... at least it feels that way when i get a comment.

ok as i just read back on that i made it sound like the entire world turns sunshiny when a comment is posted on my blog.. how about more like it's when you've met that cute girl randomly at a chaotic moment for only a moment, so she may not remember your or have interacted with you for long enough to say hi to you a week later when you're walking by... but she does. that's the feeling.

on another note, today was ditch class day... let's hope it's not chronic, i need to go to class as much as possible.

and thanks to a few good friends, i found out that it's ok to not be the best at something, but to be halfass at everything. (so i'm still a bit bitter that i'll never be the best) but you know what? i'm not even halfass at everything, i need to get working on doing more things!

nobody stop me now!


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