Tuesday, February 5, 2002

~> just finised watching the anime series angelic layer... that was prolly the hardest series for me to find so far, it was released in april (so was i) but it was released 2001, where as i'm from 79

so it's confirmed, i got another comment from the unknown surfer! that means that my site is interesting enuf to actually remember and come back to!

a somewhat satisfying feeling...

i'd much rather someone who doesn't hate indian people, but as of now, beggers can't be choosers.

remember those elementary class excercises when you had to find what's wrong with this sentence, i used to always hate those.. but i think that i learned the few common mistakes among 5th grade english students... we'll here's an example of one:

"as long as your indian, you belong in 7/11 selling slurpees"

down to business, today was my spop interview...

yea i'm trying out to do this thing again for the 3rd year, what can i say. i think my intervew was ok, could have been better, but was ok.

it was at 8am, and i had stupid coffee the night b4 so i couldn't sleep. i'm soo suseptible to coffee.. don't know why!


geez, i thought of things to say here, but forgot them while indulging myself in cute girls fighting with dolls in a stadium. -refer to angelic layer for more details


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