Saturday, February 23, 2002

those ones

the words "those ones" isn't even a gramatically correct statement. so then, does that mean it doesn't exist? maybe not in the dictionary! but shmack, i just wrote it there, so if nowhere else on the planet, it exists here...

you know, i haven't looked lately but in 5th grade i thought the word ain't was a cool thing to say. my teacher always would come down on me for using it, cause she said "it wasn't in the dictionary" well then mrs. grevwhateverhenamewas it is now!!! so i was using it before it even got in there! and it wouldn't have ever gotten there if people like me didn't stop expanding the english language and the dictionary's parameters...

same with "those ones"... i could say "these" but you sound like you're saying cheese.. and make a dorky face when you say the eeese part of the word.. i much rather say "yo look at those ones" ~>nothing implied there. insead of "yo look at these"

ready for the paralell?

my life = the english language

my dictionary = the people and places around me that i've unintentionally created

"these ones" = what i wish to stride for, yet it's not accepted or looked down upon, or what people just don't see me doing

i'm inspired by so many people for so many reasons, in so many aspects.. and for some reason i hold back on learning and persuing these admired skills/qualities because i'm afraid of the mrs. grev___ s telling me that i don't know what i'm doing... i wish i could go back to 5th grade for a sec, just to tell her that i'm just ahead of my damn time and she can't hack it!!! (prolly wouldn't say that, but would think it)

it's not worth it, revenge is sweet, but not satisfying.. too much sweet gives you a tummy ache and you end up throwing it up.. revenge gets revenge. what a sick thought.

*on track again with the "those ones" .... i was trying to tell my friend how i felt about irvine, how i conquered it already... i know where things are and i've met a few people.. i've gotten what i'm going to get out of it... like when i left highschool i had a new place to go to (UCI), nobody knew me.. nobody knew how i lived, what i liked, who i was friends with since birth. i could define myself all over again...

now i'm here, defined, ready to move to the next bigger level instead of from highschool of 3,000 people to a college of 18,000, i have to go from a school of 18,000 to a city of ... well a lot!

i need to get away from the damn mrs. grev____*i forgot her damn name*s cause no matter what, till she dies, she won't use "ain't" and people like that will bring me down...

i think of her and her types of people i say to mysefl "those ones ain't ______" (you can fill in the blank there)


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