Friday, February 15, 2002

cute girls

today was valentine's day. i just woke up at 12:30am the day after vday, but that's not the point, i was in disposed or whatever they say.

but yea. it's funny, actually it's not that funny. but today i was at the pub with what one would say many cute girls! i mean if someone were to come from somewhere and know nobody but me, and see me hanging out with the people i was hanging out with they'd think that i was hanging out with lots of hella cute, nice girls rite. but then from my perspective, i was just hanging out with some friends. not hot chicks. so i guess what gets me excited is new faces, that are hot chicks. so like maybe i have the deepak syndrome. ( we were making fun of my friend deepak for this ) but i think maybe i like girls that are fictional, or that are in no way gettable <~ is that a word?

why would i do such a thing? cause! to say i'm hunting but never have to take a shot. for some it's eaiser to just "not take a shot". personally i don't categorize myself in that rank, but if i were a third person tonite i would have.

anyhow, alcohaul's promoting sleep rite now. i'll submit to that one 9 times out of 10


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