Monday, February 11, 2002

i got this test. tomorrow.

it's on digital control systems... sounds hella cool hu? like i'd be playing with hi-tech toys that wow people. wrong, it's math.

straight math, that's it. math, with no numbers. what could be less exciting? (A:reading this!)

anyhow. so i'm sick of being at this address. i want to move my blog to i mean i'd just be a better person. but i'm lazy, proving that i'm not that better person i strive to be.

i also don't care much for taking this test. my teacher said the test will not cover the entire 2hrs, he's going to stop it at like 1 1/2 hrs and then lecture! great!

if my sob stories don't upset you, then what will upset you is the fact that you ventured onto my blog site to read what i just posted.

~> oh yea. thursday is valentine's day. i'm thinking of maybe doing something nice for myself. i don't have any ideas... maybe going record shopping would be nice, i need to do some of that, it's overwhelming how many artists are out there and have been out there that i've never heard of? i feel like a minnow in the ocean, during the jurassic period!

ok i'm getting nerdy, must be time for bed


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