Saturday, February 9, 2002

don't get me wrong. i LOVE my computer.

but sitting on it for an entire friday night... just not my style ~> or IS it?

i could be doing something productive (pro meaning before, ductive meaning doing something? always pondered that..)

cleaning my room, working on learning something ie dreamweaver, adobe photoshop, html... or maybe working on my resume.. or a powerpoint presentation to send to stupid companies in hopes that they would want an intern for the summer...

so many "i could"'s

could have been out with hot chicks too... (have to meet them first)

so i guess there's alot of things i could have done, but instead i decided to watch a downloaded bootleg by myself.

if more people read this i think i'd put more effort into making it something worthwhile too.. but hey. i look back on these entries once in a while i guess i can say that they're for me, i let everyone else just take a peek


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