Friday, March 8, 2002

you say you're lonely,

don't care anymore.

emptyness bounds,

and love surrounds the hole inside your heart.

it feels so sad,

it's never been this bad,


don't want to change the world,

not gonna change your mind.

i'll only say that if you stay,

then love is what you'll find.

but you've come.

cause love takes so long...

you say you're emtpy,

don't feel anymore.

lonelyness bounds,

and music pounds.

around and around and around...

you're moving way to fast,

move like nothing never lasts,

just keep on pushing.

could be anything you want,

could do anything you feel.

love is all around you, but you don't belive it's real

just be fearless.

baby be fearless.

do it now...

do it now...

all my life,

i sit and wonder.

why you put your self down.

what's so bad what's so bad,

about what we have now?

raise your head in the twilight,

raise your hands to the skylight.

i'd say i love you,

no fear anymore.

happyness is found

let love come down,

and shine inside your heart.

you're beautiful inside, i'm in love with your mind, and your heart, and your soul, and your eyes

can be anything you want,

can do anything you feel.

love is all around you,

but you don't believe it's real.

open up your mind

listen to your heart

leave lonelyness behind

come on come on come on..

do it now...

(lyrics to 'do it now' but dubtribe sound system - a married duet by the name of moonbeam and sunshine jones 1999)


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