Wednesday, March 20, 2002

lemme finish what i started

after a not so funny incedent i usually try to comfort the situation with a bit of a laugh... usually i don't have to think about what it is that i'm going to say, it just pops out of my mouth and people hear it. sometimes i'm not that smooth, other's i even impress myself. take for example my earlier quote.

"dude, girls with their hair up have more attitude" <~ or something close to that.

which my friend looked at me and kinda gave a 'what did you say' face... but by the time that he gave that face to me i had 100000 backup scenarios/examples of why girls ARE more sassy when their hair is up.

let's dig further:

-professional: girls are to have their hair up in the work place more often than not. so in effect, the girls that have their hair up feel a bit more professional. and professional girls must be very agressive, demanding, and in your face... or else they won't be taken seriously, specially if they're really good looking.

if i were to write a fatty function, this'd be it: behavior(attitudes(feel (look)))

this means that behavior depends on attitude.

attitude depends on how you feel

how you feel depends on how you look -> to some extent....

but i'm saying that this hair up or hair down is weight enough to tip the scale from sweet & cuddly to offensive & mean.

-patience: it doesn't take first hand experience to know that girls DO have to have patience with their hair. i mean, when it's down they are obviously feeling a bit more tolerant, cause they have to deal with hair in their face, hair getting stuck on places, making sure that it looks good most of the time. but when they get a bit frustrated with putting up with it, they put their hair up and then watch out. cause then they don't want to deal with your crap.

-the phrase: let your hair down... means to relax. have fun, be sexy. when girls want to be hot, they let their hair down. and girls who want to look good want to be attractive. they normally have to be a little nicer than usual to be attractive.

-now every smartass will ask me: what about girls with short hair.

let's walk thru the steps to figure this one out.

girls with short hair can have two types of short hair: the kind that's styled and the kind that's not. the kind that needs attention like gel, palm-ait, mousse, you know, everymorning products... that's == to hair up. girls with their short hair that just looks natural and random well that's hair down.

there's some counter argument to this theory, but this will work for you a good 95% of the time. which is a good ass percent if you ask me.

just remember, changing lifes outlook sometimes is from something you just blurt out. happened here. i'm staying away from hair - up girls.


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