Friday, March 22, 2002

got a story:

so i was sitting at the library waiting for my shift to end.. this is all i did at work. i noticed that this girl had been on the campus phone for the longest time, we're talking hours here.... anyhow, she got up the idea to come to us to ask for something and pretty soon (you could tell she was frustrated) she told us her whole story of how she lives in la, was having an interview, but couldn't find the interviewer...

anyhow she asked for a ride back to LA. i said sure... got my backpack, got ready to go and as we were walking out the door, her interviewer walked in. the girl was so happy that she hugged and said "the people here are so nice!!!" then she went off to her interview... i hope she got it.

even though she was supposed to be at the med lib which is in orange. (med students, how do they ever get by?)

but yea. i coulda had a wild nite, take some random chick to LA, i was about to call everyone i knew up in LA just to chill with them... did i mention that the girl offered 70 dollars to let me drive her home! course i wouldn't have taken it, but i wouldn't have let her know that till right before i dropped her off. prolly better i didn't go. i'll party hardy tomorrow with the moviestars cause someone got me on a list to some party somewhere where the somebody's are supposed to be. i'm somewhat skeptical. we'll see tho, and you'll read

been avioding girls with their hari up tho. even though some look really good with their hair up. i guess i'll slowly just go about talking to them a bit more sensitively. but that means thinking on my toes, which means being concious of everything i say/do.. which means disaster to anyone who knows what that's like.

hmph, maybe it's better that i'm on spring break watching downloaded movies in my room by myself at 1:59am


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