Monday, March 4, 2002


nothing comes to my mind when i look at this web page these days. specially cause i look at my friend's pages and they're so neat and personalized... then there's mine which is all generic, colorchanging (whoopie)

i'm the only one who can change my web site. i do change it almost everyday, but putting more words on it... but more needs to change! more needs to be accomplished and more needs to be learned

i'd love to have someone sit down and give me a half-day crash course in how to do basic html. but shit like that isn't going to happen.

i wanted to learn how to put a computer together. it took me 6 months to get it to work, and now that it does, i'm happier than a clam, but i had to reasearch, learn, ask specific questions... it was painful, almost like a 4 unit class.

i didn't want someone to do it for me, cause then i'd not know it. and would still have to rely on them if i wanted any change.

so now i've got to have the same initiative with my web site. someday will be more than two .gif's i'm the one who's got to be motivated, but it's hard to do so.

*10 mins later*

school's the same exact thing, with one large difference: no desire.

i WANT to learn html, i desire that knowledge and admire those who have it.

school, well school i don't desire. never have. didn't see the point.

i have learned how to solve a non linear, non homogenious, complex root, 5th order differential equation. but i'll prolly never ever see one again. whereas there's kids learning how to write, and other kids learning how to compose programs, and then other kids learning to do things that are cutting edge. things that are new and that people are talking about...

i'm learning shit that people though was old in the 1800's

yet people tell me that i'll get a job cause i'm an engineer. it's like being with a girl you don't like, but you can't break up with... that's the pits


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