Monday, March 11, 2002

first kiss

i just watched the 13th episode of love hina, a kinda strange/cute/innocent/sexually frustrated japanese anime series. i personally love it, but the episode was on first kisses. and how eveyone had a pretty lame first kiss. and how most haven't ever had their first kiss.

they had two girls kiss for the main girl's first kiss at the end.... but somehow turned it out to be cute and innocent and stuff.

anyhow, my friend just asked me what is my favorite song lyric... shit that's a hard question. i answered with the first thing that came to mind from digital underground's humpty dance "i'm sick like that, straight gangsta mack, but sometimes i get rediculus, i'll eat up all your crackers and your licorush" i think that's hella funny cause he's like 'gangsta mack' then 'crackers and licorush' who eats crackers with licorush? i dunno, i like stuff like that.

today i ate pepperoni pizza with that rooster sauce and ranch dressing. i think that combo fits me perfectly.... some good ol red blooded american, and some what the fcuk is that stuff and why is it on your pizza.

whatever. this is what happens when i don't use the backspace key (advice that ameer gave me) random, lame, unfocused...

my first kiss i can't even remember. first's are fun.. because it's new, and new things usually get better with time.. well stuff like this does.

anyhow this just in: sputnik7 hit this link if you ever hit one.. cause this site streams hip-hop, anime, electronic, and global videos.. also has other stuff.. pretty fatty dude rite now it's playing sword for truth and has chicks fighting with swords!


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