Tuesday, March 12, 2002


i'm in this writer's block. not sure what to think about it.

my friends/family/random people i say hi to/lunch line ladys/neighbors that look into my window/ they all know one similar thing about me. i don't read.

and well reading and writing go together quite well (so i'm told)

but i'm in a writer's block... shit you never hear of engineering blocks? why's that? cause engineers are always solving problems. and if they are having problems solving a problem, well that's just another problem to work on... so engineers won't have problems till everything's perfect. lemme quote someone who i forgot:"don't worry about perfection, you'll never reach it" i heard/read that somewhere.

but yea. girls.. it's always about girls, the mainstream idea of the human culture. yesterday i told my roomate "if there were no chicks tomorrow, and you came into my room and said 'yo there's no chicks anymore' i'd tell you to get out of my room, cause i'm going back to sleep"

so back to the story. raph asked me how do guys keep friend with girls that don't like them but they like?

the answer was so trivial that i couldn't think of it when he ask me.

cause damn i'm friends with lots of girls that i like!

a friendship and a relation ship to me only have one difference. sex. and sex is the root of all evil. (most evil) sexdrive totally manipulates people's way of thinking and feeling.

factor that out of a relationship and you got a friendship.

with my ex girlfriend my most memorable and favorite times was when we were together, just acting like friends. i remember going to summer school with her. and just sitting at the picnic tables eating bad food on a beautiful day. to anyone else it'd look like we were just two friends. i guess the reason that i like that so much was cause i could look at her and say that's MY girlfriend (course.. she was really pretty)... she wasn't sitting on my lap, or lying in my bed. cause those times you can't really see the entire person. just looking at her and talking to her. not about relationship stuff. not about school. about complete nothings like what do you think looks better backpacks or messenger bags?

*wipes tear from eye* <~ just kidding, i know i poured it on thick but i just like remembering.

i guess the reason that i like that part of the relationship the best is because a relationship has to be very very solid in order to also be a friendship. so what i'm trying to say is that by being simply friend with girls that i have feelings for i quickly jump to this level with them and have relationship satisfaction at the price of a friendship. the only thing i miss out on is sex.

but sex is like a drug that i'd like to not take too much cause i know that it's more addictive than heroin. i see people who are on sex (you can spot them from a mile) their day revolves around it, i'd rather control sex, than be like everyone else and have sex control me.

just results in me having friends that i like.


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