Monday, March 4, 2002

i feel like writing.

me feeling like writing is like when you go to a concert and see your fav band play... you want to go home and play like they do! although when you DO go home and try, your attept is shitty and being discourage causes you to quit and focus attention onto other things ie sex, beer, tv... (is there anything else?)

no really, but you know what i mean.

i feel my writing isn't what it could be, i try to only guage things with respect to my goals, and my potentials. which i feel haven't been reached... i don't think they ever will be reached though, cause as my goals always change with respect to my potential, which grows as time increases... it's like an inevitable loss for me.. but what i'm ultimatly hoping is that somehow by persuing this plan i'll eventually end up a good writer, with repsect to everyone else this time though...

seems pretty silly. i don't take writing classes. i don't enjoy reading books.

how do i suppose i'll get any better, what runner gets faster mile times by never running? will i keep on this track of only writing occasional emails, blog entries, and aim sentence fragments and aspire to become a decent writer? maybe i should re-think my gameplan?

besides that? do you guys who read/write blogs think about what you're going to write when you're sitting idle or doing something that requires as much thinking as walking or driving? i do.

i think my theme for this blog is to understand what it is i don't know. "you always have to know what you don't know" -my dad

like whenever i have a question, or an idea that i don't quite understand, i post it here and try to answer it. that's why i guess the title here is 'am i wrong? (to hunger)' cause i am hungry! ~> for information

even stranger, on kim’s web site, my link says ameer:wonder which I asked her about and she said that she made a mistake cause she accidentally checked it out and thought hunger was wonder.. or something like that… but it makes sense, that’s the strance co-insidence


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