Saturday, March 16, 2002

so after about a 15 min conversation with my good friend briz (pronounced breese) i realized just how much this guy loves his boxer-breifs.

personally i wear boxers, or breifs. on some days i feel like a tightywhity kinda man. then others i go a bit free with the boxers.

briz dislikes both and goes for the hybrid - the boxer briefs.

i mean this is coming from a guy who is pretty concerned about details, he unlike normal people and like me, pays maximum attention to the most minimal detail. which is one reason we get along so well. BUT on underwear i'm just not sure. i mean briz also wears a pen clipped to his collar at almost all times...

(this post does not in any what make fun of, disrespect, look down upon, or taunt Briz B. Garcia)

but should i trust him? what if i blow 7.99 at target on some underwear that i just won't ever wear again? or what if i discover that i never want to wear my 12.99 designer gap boxers? or even worse what if i decide to never use my endless supply of tightywhitys! ! !

i'm honestly at a loss.. i can't choose, and this is only underwear.

should see me when i have to make a real decision


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