Tuesday, March 5, 2002

the mainstream is polluted

so I’ve been thinking about girls lots on my blog. Why’s that? Well let’s see… cause the mainstream is polluted.

All the new mtv songs, most movies, all daytime tv (including the talk shows), all those damn forwarded emails… those are the mainstream and they’re all polluted with one main theme. Relationships.

Once the mainstream gets a hold of this concept and constantly resells it to the masses… everything that’s interesting is interesting because the mainstream said it was.

How many times have you walked in on a girl girl conversation and they both just stop talking and look at you with that “I didn’t eat the last cookie” face? All the time… why, cause they were talking about boys, and didn’t want you to hear.

What about all the gossip… how juicy is it to hear who slept with who’s boyfriend, or who has the hots for who...

Now let’s use the old technique of creating a parallel to this world, one which seems very silly, and then bounce one off the other and see what we get:

Let’s say that the mainstream desides that it wants to change it’s subject of regurgitation from relationships and significant others to schoolwork. -> coulda picked a better example, but we’ll see what happens here….

So. We come home from school in our car, listening to songs about school, done by 4.0 students, to come home finding each our roomates quietly and intensly studying. There are tv shows on people who take 30 units a quarter and still manage a 3.7gpa. I surf the internet and download practice quizzes from other university classes and take them at my lesure to kill some time. Some guy gets a 50% on a final and it’s all over school, everyone knows, they’re all wispering about it and giggling.

Parents repremand kids for studying too much and ask why you don’t work on relationships more often. “why don’t you have your girlfriend sleep over more often?!? Instead of going out with those damn friends of yours to the library every weekend”

Switching school and relationships is such a weird concept, and that in itself is a weird concept. If It’s so hard for me to imagine relationships as NOT the number one priority amongst the average human being, then that means that the world will probably not change anytime soon.

Personally I feel that I’ve created such a bubble to live in, I block out what I don’t want to see and take in all of what I’d like to, I’ve sudo-managed to create my own mainstream. In this case defining mainstream as: “the masses that one follows” around me it feels sometimes as though everyone listens to house music. Or at times it feels like everyone’s been in spop. Or that everyone is an engineer. There are many times though, where this is not true at all… and I feel like the outcast that the global mainstream looks down upon.

Typical question: hey ameer what music do you listen to?

Typical answer: I like house music. And japanese music.

Typical look: (what the hell did he just say, he didn’t say hip-hop and r&b what’s wrong with him?!) *head nod with nothing to say*

Now, *back to the mainstream is polluted theme* I have made it so that my mainstream doesn’t weigh the relationship so heavy. Where it’s something that comes second to that which is important. Ultimately I am happy without a relationship… not that I suppose it’s better because I have replaced that mainstream ultimate goal of having a significant other and achieving bliss with many ultimate goals in order to achieve bliss, ex learning to mix, learning computers, learning to skateboard, producing good music, inspiring people, moving to san francisco, making interesting/exciting/weird friends…

Currently I feel that if I accomplish a list like this I’ll have brought more satisfaction to my life than any significant other. *it’s hard to imagine the most beautiful girl completely adoring me* but it’s not hard to imagine having the talents and doing the things that I listed above. Maybe that’s why i weigh the list over the pretty face.

Idealy I could find a girl who is that list, then have her completely adore and fall in love with me. I’d show everyone.

But realistically… who are we kidding.

In engineering classes we learn that if the maximum weight that something has to carry is 100 lbs. we multiply it by the factor of safety ( a number between 2 and 5) and make it to those specs. Why? Cause shit happens. And It’s best if you’re prepared for it.

Where am I going? -> I want to check everything off on that list. But I know I’ll only get half of it done, if that. Or get all of it checked off but all of it will be not to the degree which I desire.

Beware, the mainstream is polluted and it’d out to get you


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