Friday, January 2, 2004

i dance to the melody in my own head by myself

it's great to have 2003 over with.

it's shit to be at work on jan 2... a FRIDAY

it's great that i killed a bottle of glenfeddich between 9pm and 4am dec 31-jan1

it's shit that i woke up to renew my parking pass because the pass expired at 11:00... yet when i got to the car it was 11:00PM not am...

it's great that i spend such a long time with friends from san diego that i miss and love.

it's shit that i got teased for half of the stay

it's great that today is friday and i'm going to boarners with more friends from san diego and la

it's shit that i needed coffee to make it till lunchtime

it's great that i made it alive past this last break

it's shit that it's raining

it's great that i am now much closer to someone who i was just sorta friends with (even tho i'm teased about it)

it's shit that everyone else knows about it

it's great that it's 2004

it's shit that i can still remember 2003

quick recap:

air matress. drinking with gene. drinking with babbs. drinking with george. drinking. mexican food. guitars. dvds. pho. naps. friends. family. food. blankets. shoes. scotch. kissing. laughing. music. hookah. jamming. blue label. downtown la. hotel room. elevator. stairs. 10th floor. solo escapade. cranberry juice sheets and pillows. 3rd wheel. mellowing out. missing my bed. enjoying comfort. sanctuary

most people would go ahead and work on new year's resolutions, or life changing "i'm going to start doing _____ from now on." lists. i'm not doing that. i feel like i have so much that's going on, that's so slowly progressing. though i say slow. it's slow like a busy work day. all of a sudden it's time to go home and it's crazy, yet nothing seemed to go fast. i guess that's the pattern that life takes on these things.

so far 2004 has been great. better than 03. i like even numbers better anyhow.


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