Sunday, January 18, 2004

where did those 30 lbs come from?

looking upon the internet to see just how fat i really am, i stumbled upon this site:

(click the link and see how fat you are) i swear it's wrong cause i weighed in at a whopping 190 last weekend and this was after a big meal might i add. but i did take out my keys and wallet and chapstick to weigh in so i guess that kinda balances things out.

so i've just decided to question why is nerdy not sexy? ok, phrased that wrong. why isn't intelligence as sexy as it should be? i'm trying to poke the point that dumb girls are supposedly really hot. girls actually act dumbin order to gain sex appeal. this concept is beyond me, not to say i don't desire to jump on top of and rip a ditzy hot blonde girl (there are also ditzy non blondes, but the one i had in mind is blonde) -now here's where the engineering part of my brain work comes in.. why?

maybe us men think that an unintelligent girl will not say no to anything in bed and allow for us animalistic men to command and conquer! this could be. but wouldn't an intelligent girl be a bit more creative, innovative, and understanding? (i'm not talking about the emotional understanding, physical here folks) if we take to the extremes in either case we'll find that there's nothing to clear the doubt... thus the question will remain for eternity and plauge all that attempt to ponder it. extreme dumb and ditzy would boil down to a sheep. yes. a sheep. the closest match to a human (so i've heard) and well for sure more unintelligent that those girls you would call ditzy. conversely the smart extreme is what? a nerdy girl? like really nerdy. the one that almost makes the sheep look good. yea that's right, you know here and are avoiding saying her name out loud just to prove to yourself and the surrounding folks that she never existed, but she did. and it's just a nightmare waiting to happen if you don't quickly get your mind somewhere else and don't look back.

what's the gross correlation between money and looks. i was in the stater brothers in paramount (where i work, a few miles east of compton), and then i was in the stater brothers in costa mesa... the difference was night and day, and let's face it... costa mesa isn't the nicest place, it's not paramount, but it's not newport or bev hills. i presented this question to des and she said money can make anyone look good. with the right clothes, makeup, products, and hair. now i'm not a man with makeover vision but man, i tried to see this at the paramount stater bros. and it was a no go.


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